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Desperately Seeking Susan Foreman

Reviewed: Desperately Seeking Susan Foreman

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Doctor Who book. The first of course is the fictional variety, the novels, make your own adventures and low-cost reads to get people interested in books for an easily affordable price. This type also includes comic strips and the bulk of the annuals and yearbooks. A second type…


Reviewed: The Justice of Jalxar

It seems odd that for as long as Big Finish have been making their Jago and Litefoot spin off series, they’ve only just started to include the investigators of infernal incidents in the continuing adventures of the Doctor. The Justice of Jalxar however, is more than worth the wait and finally reunites Henry Gordon Jago…

David Warner guests with Tom Baker and Mary Tamm in The Sands of Life

Reviewed: The Sands of Life

When the Doctor, Romana and K9 encounter some very serious time phasing in the vortex (leading to some fanboy pleasing moments) they find themselves hot on the trail of some seven and a half billion life forms that have made contact with Romana uttering the mysterious phrase ‘the sands of life’. With the Doctor suitably…

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