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Withnail & I LIVE in Manchester

What better way to pay tribute to the pissed up, tranquilizer-popping, dope smoking and randy uncle-dodging work of genius that is Bruce Robinson’s Withnail & I than to stage a performance of it in a pub? Like V for Vendetta, it’s all part of the Lassfest 2013 festivals, in which Manchester pub The Lass O’Gowrie…


Taking the V: Bringing an Enigma to Life

V for Vendetta is writer Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd’s seminal comic series from the eighties. The story depicts a near-future police state in which a Fascist party called Norsefire hold power. It is against this backdrop that V, an anarchist revolutionary, undertakes a campaign to bring down the government. Now a new stage adaptation of V…


Make Your Mind Up At Midnight

So you’ve seen the poster, you know that the great Russell T Davies has approved the copyright-dodging script and you probably even know that this independent production of “Midnight” had its first public run out at The Lass O’Gowrie last night in a small room before a compact audience of 20. But you’re still not sure,…

Midnight by Russell T Davies

Midnight in Manchester Details

Regular readers may be aware that Manchester’s Lass O’Gowrie pub is about to host several performances of an adaptation of Russell T Davies’ Midnight, an episode from the 2008 run of Doctor Who. With an original cast, the performances take place this week in a dedicated room of the pub chosen for its size and…

Midnight by Russell T Davies

The Lass Presents: Midnight

Russell T. Davies’ Midnight was a cold, unflinching look at humanity under crisis that was as hard as the diamonds that made up the planets waterfalls. Pitched as the polar opposite of ‘The Poseidon Adventure in space’ Voyage of the Damned, Series 4’s  Midnight used the deceptively simple device of repetition to unnerve the less…

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