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Who Is Your Least Favourite Doctor?

If you’ve been part of the online world of the Whovian fandom for, well, any length of time (even for, like, just a week) you’ve seen the “Who is YOUR Doctor?” lists and quizzes and arguments that permeate the fandom. With so many different actors having inhabited the role, it’s natural that people will have…

Listen - Clara

Listen ReKapped

Sometimes, the house creaks at night. I stir and get up, cautiously. “Who’s there?” I ask – Question: Why do we talk out loud when we know we’re alone? Conjecture: Because we know we’re not. The Doctor has spent too much time alone in that big old TARDIS with its dark corners and endless corridors….


Reviewed: Listen

Move over Blink, there’s a new king in town… We are in deep space… Panning up across the open double doors of the TARDIS, we briefly take in the console room, as we go to find the Doctor sat cross-legged on the roof. He’s in a meditative state and his eyes are firmly closed. Suddenly,…

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