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Angus Lennie, Doctor Who and the Scottish Referendum, Danny Pink

Faster than you can reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, Kasterborous is here with your latest New Blast! Today we remember a Classic Who guest actor, find out if the Scots will still get to watch Doctor Who if they vote for independence, muse on just who Danny Pink really is, and much more….


Reviewed: Listen

Move over Blink, there’s a new king in town… We are in deep space… Panning up across the open double doors of the TARDIS, we briefly take in the console room, as we go to find the Doctor sat cross-legged on the roof. He’s in a meditative state and his eyes are firmly closed. Suddenly,…

Robot of Sherwood - Clara

Robot of Sherwood ReKapped!

After some persuasion, the Doctor agrees to take Clara to meet her hero. “Robin Hood; the heroic outlaw, who robs from the rich and gives to the poor… He’s made up. There’s no such thing,” the Doctor initially dismisses the idea, but decides to humour her. “Earth. England. Sherwood Forest. 1190AD. Ish. But you’ll only be…

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