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Dalek Eyestalk App for iPhone

New Paradigm for the Eyestalk App!

DA-LEK TECH-NOL-OGY DE-TECT-ED! UP-DATE APPLIED! If you were one of the many who downloaded the iPhone/iPad Dalek photo filter app Eyestalk to torment your friends, family, ancient nemesis from across time and space (delete as applicable), then you’re in luck as your Dalek vision has just had a major update. All hail the new paradigm;…

Your iPhone will resemble the TARDIS with this skin!

TARDIS iPhone Skin

Remember those Forbidden Planet exclusive iPhone cases we covered a month or two ago? Well, the K can’t cover things if we don’t know about them, which is why I’m grateful that one of my closest friends sent me a link to Society 6’s Doctor Who section. What is Society 6, you ask? It may…

Dalek Point of View

Ever taken a picture and thought to yourself “It’s nice but it would look better if it could be a bit more Dalek-y”? We all have at some point. Maybe you’ve seen a famous landmark that hasn’t appeared in Doctor Who and pondered just what it would look like give a bit of “Dalek-cam”. Well…

Doctor Who iPhone skins!

Doctor Who Skins for Your iPhone!

Have you got an iPhone? What’s that you say? It’s how you’re reading this article on the way home? Marvellous! Have you ever wanted to make the device a bit more Doctor Who-y? Maybe you’ve thought of putting a Dalek sticker on the back of it, applying some Doctor Who music as a ringtone or…

Don’t Forget WhoNews!

Today is the last chance you will get to purchase the WhoNews app for iOS devices and have the profit from your purchase donated to charity. To celebrate Doctor Who’s 48th anniversary last week, WhoNews developer Paul Gee announced that he would be splitting the profits 50/50 between Cure Leukaemia and Little Hearts Matter (the…

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