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Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)

Karen Gillan Joining Inspector Spacetime Movie?

Inspector Spacetime to the rescue! Travis Richey, the Wisconsin-born actor behind the Doctor Who spoof Inspector Spacetime – or whatever lawsuit-avoiding name it has these days! – would love to have Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) in the proposed film,  “The Inspector Chronicles: Untitled Motion Picture About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time”.   (Just…


Karen “Inspects” the Community

Surely times can’t be that hard for Karen Gillan already? Having only just finished filming her final ever scenes for Doctor Who (she won’t come back, she said so. Mind you, Tom Baker had the same idea after he left Doctor Who and look what he’s doing now!), the actress has publicly declared her allegiance…


NBC to Sue Inspector Spacetime?

Inspector Spacetime is a low-budget sci-fi show about an ancient alien who travels through time and space in a bigger-on-the-inside phone box, which is nearly fifty years old. Sound familiar? The show appeared on the American comedy, Community, with Doctor Who fan, Travis Richey as the titular Time Lo – uh, character. Richey enjoyed it…

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