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Classic Daleks Assemble for Doctor Who Series 7!

Some interesting photos have emerged to add weight to this week’s rumours that the next series of Doctor Who will feature all (or most of) the types of Daleks there have ever been. This includes the ‘classic’ Daleks as seen in the 1960s serials, all the way through to Steven Moffat’s ‘Smartie Daleks’. The first…


Alwyn Turner on Terry Nation

Alwyn Turner is the man behind the recent Terry Nation biography, released earlier this year. The Man Who Invented the Daleks: The Strange Worlds of Terry Nation charts the career of the Dalek creator from inauspicious beginnings in wartime Wales to his death in 1996, covering virtually every “Exterminate!” comedy script and action adventure TV…

More Doctor Who T-Shirts!

Available in May will be three t-shirts that all carry a stylish Doctor Who related picture on them, adding to an ever-increasing list of stylish Whovian attire. The first is for Adipose Industries (so you can pretend that you work for them maybe? Perhaps you also pretended to work for them while undercover in Partners…

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