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Finally, The Rory Williams Action Figure!

Shortly after Rory Williams leaves the show, fans can (finally) re-enact his adventures with an action figure for the first time! The figure is based on his initial “life-preserver” appearance and boasts no trappings from his “Lone Centurion” alter ego. Something tells us that will be saved for a later action figure. It’s interesting to…

Doctor Who: Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time Device

Is This Toy a Spoiler?

 It’s unlikely, we know, but could this relatively innocent-looking toy be a major plot spoiler for Doctor Who Series 7? Available from Forbidden Planet now (dispatch begins on August 20th), the Doctor Who: Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time Device is just £19.99. But spoilerphobes might wonder if that is a price worth paying for the following: What…


“Captain Jack Harkness. Like the robe?”

Are you bored with your bedroom apparel? Want to take that next step to fashion greatness but don’t necessarily want to go outside in it? Then you need the newly-announced Captain Jack Harkness towelling robe! It will be available from Forbidden Planet from the 15th of November and will allow you or your significant other…


Invasion of the Talking Daleks

There’s a huuuge range of Dalek toys out there, and naturally they’re extremely popular. (Frankly, a room isn’t complete without one in it.) And Forbidden Planet is releasing a set of Daleks that will happily interrupt any polite conversations with a cry of “exterminate!” The talking Daleks will be available from 22nd August, and individual…


Two New Forbidden Planet Exclusives!

Forbidden Planet will release two new figures exclusively later this year: a post-regeneration Fifth Doctor in August, and a Genesis Dalek in December. The Fifth Doctor set shows Peter Davison’s incarnation shortly after regenerating in Logopolis, complete, naturally, with a rather fetching scarf. This look was exhibited throughout Castrovalva before he found his cricketing jacket…

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