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Cyberman scanning Clara

How Fans Reacted To Death In Heaven!

It’s over – we’ve been teased and baited for twelve weeks, and dumped like jilted lovers! Series 8 (or Moff Wars – Episode IV: A New Bloke) has been and gone. That, ladies and Gentleman was the Twelfth Doctor’s first run. But what did YOU, dear reader, think of the parting shot? Death in Heaven…

Doctor Who Lego

Lego Who Likely, Capaldi’s Video Message Barrowman Talks (!) & Minister of Chance Movie Update

Bigger than Clara Oswald’s eyes, larger than a flying fleet of Cybermen in the skies, and more enormous than the Master’s lies… it’s the Kasterborous News Blast! In today’s blast of un-Delete!-able information, Peter Capaldi’s kind message goes viral, John Barrowman gets all Scottish, Missy masters all of YouTube, and the Minister of Chance gets…

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