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An Unearthly Child 6

Tell Us YOUR Very First Doctor Who Story (or, How You Fell In Love With The Doctor)

Firsts. We humans like to measure moments in our lives by how often we’ve done something, and usually the most important “time” we’ve done or experienced something is the first time. Whether it’s as monumental as a baby taking it’s first steps unassisted, to the first time we try a new food to the first time…

The Chase SFX Dalek

The Second Dalek Wave!

They’re the universe’s supreme beings, and they’ve come to Earth to invade retailers nationwide! Following on from the superb first wave of Sound FX Daleks (that’s Daleks that talk to you and me) come three new Skaro menaces: the Guard Dalek from 1965’s The Chase (one of their nuttiest adventures); a dark-grey Dalek from Genesis of the…

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