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NA Bernice Summerfield

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Reviewed!

Glorious. Is that allowed? Can a review for a Doctor Who related story be summed up in just one word? The answer is most definitely yes, but you didn’t click on the link to this summation in order to be treated to just one word, you wanted lots of them, something to inform your decision…

Doctor Who

The Day of the Doctor ReKapped! Part 1

UNIT FILE #231163; SUB-SECTION 2-05. TRANSCRIPT: INCOMING CALL FROM 07700 900 461. 23.11.2014. MCGILLOP: McGillop. (PAUSE) MCGILLOP: But that’s not possible; I was just – – (PAUSE) MCGILLOP: Understood, sir… But why would I take it there? *** UNIT FILE #231163; DOCUMENT A. NO MORE – OR – GALLIFREY FALLS. ARTIST: UNKNOWN. *** UNIT FILE…

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