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The Valeyard toys with the Doctor

The Valeyard Judges The Angels Take Manhattan

Was that it? When I couldn’t remember how I finally got rid of the ginger winger I presumed it was a side effect of one of the Time Wars or some such. I had no idea it was because it simply wasn’t worth remembering. It didn’t help of course that Moffat had surgically removed every…

Angel Smiling

The Angels Take Manhattan ReKapped!

You don’t believe that statues can move. And you’re right: they can’t – of course they can’t… when you’re looking. Chapter 1. The Dying Detective. On the instructions of the mysterious Julius Grayle, Detective Sam Garner makes his way to a rundown hotel, Winter Quays. He meets a dying man, who warns him that the…

The Original Nephew

If you ever felt like uncoiling the messy (and very Doctor Who) topic of budgets – and the ramifications of said budgets in the past weeks non-announcement of the plans for 2012 – then odds are you’d find yourself rolling up at the unassuming feet of Nephew. Once planned to be an extravagant (ie. expensive)…

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