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“The Lodger” Trilogy?

You know from time to time we call it wrong – and back in 2010 we were less than impressed to find that James Corden had been cast in an Earth-bound episode of Doctor Who based on a cartoon strip from DWM. In those days the Gavin and Stacey writer and actor was becoming something…


Congratulations, Corden!

Anyone who has caught the news today cannot help but be touched and impressed by James Corden’s acceptance speech yesterday evening as the Doctor Who guest star won the award for best leading actor at the Tony Awards in New York! In his emotional speech, the actor – known to Whovians as Craig Owens in…


The Eleventh Doctor Vol 5

The latest Doctor Who Magazine Special is out now, focusing once again on the Eleventh Doctor’s adventures. The 2011 season of Doctor Who began in the most dramatic way possible – by killing off the Doctor in the first episode! Unaware of his ultimate fate, the Doctor (Matt Smith) was reunited with his friends, newlyweds…

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The Doctor: Here to Help

To whom it may concern, I don’t usually write to companies but I felt in this case I had to make an exception. Today, while me and the wife were shopping for various toys and gifts for the little ones at your Colchester branch, we came across one of your assistance who called himself ‘The…

Doctor Who Top of iPlayer

BBC iPlayer has become a pivotal part of the way that we now view television, lots of households now view shows after they have been transmitted rather than on the day that they’re shown. The BBC has revealed its latest figures for downloads of television and radio shows from this September just gone and the…

Doctor Who: Bump & Go Cybermats

Cybermats have always been a very almost but no cigar affair when it comes to merchandise; from their barely working origins in Tomb of the Cybermen to the latest appearance giving literal teeth to a rather depleted Cyberman attack in Closing Time, these cybernetic woodlice have always been one bright idea away from a toy…

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