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Flatline - 12th Doctor

Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who Series 9

Welcome, Kasterborite! You’re here… THIS is where we will be amassing every ounce of data we can squeeze out of the interweb on Capaldi’s second hurrah, Doctor Who Series 9. Over the weeks and months we will be gradually adding to this repository to create the closest thing to a crystal ball. Feel free to muse,…

BBC Releases Two Into the Dalek Trailers!

Reviewed: Into the Dalek

Well now, that was certainly…excellent. Forget the opening episode Deep Breath, which offers us a new Doctor performing on half empty, Into the Dalek is where the new adventures and era truly begins and it marks the changes to Doctor Who for 2014 and beyond excellently. There’s always hype and panic when it comes to…

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