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Pirate Hats Are Cool

I can just picture your face now as you read the title of this article.  “Pirate hats are cool?” you think.  “What might that imply?  Could the Doctor be about to don yet another ridiculous piece of headgear for the adventure on the high seas set to take place during episode 3 of the next…

Series 6 Casting: Annabel Cleare

More faces seem to be popping up in the presumably climactic cliffhanger-filled Steven-Moffat-written Episode 777.  The latest to be announced: actress Annabel Cleare and her son, Henry! Cleare tweeted the news herself: “2011 off to slow start but things picking up now.  Henry & I got small parts in Doctor Who !” You can read…

Australia Fast Tracks Who

The one problem that overseas Doctor Who viewers have had in recent years is that the brand new episodes that have been screened in the UK take a fair while to actually transmit anywhere else. This has been due to various scheduling, copyright and technical reasons but it must still be ever so annoying to…

Outcasts Character Trailers

Outcasts Character Trailers

As the start date for the new BBC science fiction series Outcasts draws closer, we get a closer look at the main cast through Character trailers, which give us a glimpse into the personas that inhabit the planet of Carpathia. Mitchell Hoban: Stella Isen: Cass Cromwell: Fleur Morgan: Outcasts will air later this year on…

Colin Baker in Doctors? Who?

For all you fans of Colin Baker (aka the Sixth Doctor), there’s good news – he’ll be appearing on the BBC again reprising his as a university professor to appear in the popular BBC One daytime soap Doctors. Colin recently updated his blog, where he revealed that filming is due to begin in mid January….

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