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It’s A Doctor Who Flash Bang Wallop!

It’s A Doctor Who Flash Bang Wallop!

We love a good montage here at Kasterborous Towers. Contemplate if you will, dear reader, on this snippet of Who-love from Babelcolour – YouTube master of polychroming the monochrome and editing our favourite show into improbably brilliant tributes. Proving that fifty years worth of a television show as diverse as Doctor Who provides enough material…

Two Zygons from 1975's Terror of the Zygons

Terror of the Zygons DVD Review

If, like me, you have all of Doctor Who at your fingertips, you’re probably aware that it’s easy to take segments of this amazing body of work for granted.  In the case of Terror of the Zygons, I probably never will. I started watching Doctor Who in February 1974.  I was three years old.  Pulled in by the electric thrill…

You and Who by JR Southall

You And Who

Do you like our book Ultimate Regeneration? If you do (and if you don’t, Our Benevolent Overlord may harm you), you may be pleased to hear about a similar book, albeit not one brought to you by the K. It was released in December 2011, so if you’ve already heard about it you can skip this…

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