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Arthur Darvill impressed with Peter Capaldi casting

Arthur Darvill Pleased with Capaldi Casting

Arthur Darvill, best known as Rory Pond Williams to Eleventh Doctor fans, believes that Peter Capaldi will make an excellent Twelve. Chatting with The Big Issue, Darvill expressed how much he believes Capaldi is the right choice for the role: And Darvill also seemed excited that a new series featuring a new-and possibly very different-Capaldi Doctor…

Angels Take Manhattan 2

Why Can’t The Doctor Return for the Ponds?

‘The Washington Theory’ – it’s all a matter of geography. Y’see, last year, Guardian writer and friend of Blogtor Who Dan Martin, sat down with Steven Moffat to discuss the Series 7a finale The Angels Take Manhattan – and more specifically, ‘the Washington Theory’. He asked Moffat why could Amy and Rory not just travel to…

DW Series 1-7

Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset

Fanfare please as BBC Entertainment has announced ‘the definite Doctor Who collection for the ages.’ This towering monolith that will cast a shadow across all of time collects together the complete new Doctor Who on Blu-ray plus an amazing assortment of additional items, including the Doctor Who Universal Remote Control Sonic Screwdriver. The epoch shattering,…

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