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An Unearthly Child 6

Tell Us YOUR Very First Doctor Who Story (or, How You Fell In Love With The Doctor)

Firsts. We humans like to measure moments in our lives by how often we’ve done something, and usually the most important “time” we’ve done or experienced something is the first time. Whether it’s as monumental as a baby taking it’s first steps unassisted, to the first time we try a new food to the first time…

The Rings of Akhaten 3

Don’t Miss: Farewell Matt Smith!

Grab a fez, straighten your bow tie and brace yourselves. Today, Watch airs Farewell Matt Smith, a documentary celebrating the Eleventh Doctor era, in the UK at 5pm. The special, narrated by River Song actress, Alex Kingston, originally screened on BBC America straight before The Time of the Doctor on Christmas Day. Charting the Doctor’s adventures from…

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