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Time War Daleks in 50th Anniversary! [UPDATED!]

As promised late on Sunday evening, the BBC has revealed a new image of the Daleks from the forthcoming 50th anniversary Doctor Who special! The famous Dalek redesign from 2005 (known as the “RTD Dalek” or “Time War Dalek”) has perhaps proved to be the most iconic yet, so it seems fitting that this version…

8th Doctor 2

McGann Hints At 50th Return?

We all know that no classic Doctor will be in the 50th anniversary special – right? Moffat has even recently said that it’s not a traditional celebration, because they can’t do The Eleven Doctors. But maybe – just maybe – we’re wrong in this assertion. The Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, remains cryptic about his possible…

Fanwnak 7

Issue 7 of FANWNAK

If you are yet to order Issue 7 of the Doctor Who fanzine FANWNAK then may we suggest that you do so as quickly as you possibly can because quite frankly, it looks brilliant. The official site where you can purchase a copy details, rather amusingly, the labour of love that went into creating this…

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