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What Makes a Companion?

He’s clocked up a fair number of companions in the last thousand (or fifty, depends on your point of view really) years wandering around the universe. But just what makes someone a companion? These days it seems to be merely having your name appear in the main credits. But that’s hardly a rule that we…


The PodKast with a James

What do three Doctor Who fans do when the series ends? Well, two of them take the day off… This week’s Kasterborous podKast with a “K” features James McLean in a specially recorded interview with the writer and Doctor Who fan John Kenneth Muir, who discusses the series, related matters and his various books. John…

Eleventh Heaven

“Can I have an apple?” From the second he asked the young Amelia Pond that question, Matt Smith was the Doctor. No, forget that. He was even brilliant when trying to dodge Big Ben too. I presume Moffat asked himself, ‘how do you show the audience that this is the Doctor?’ And immediately got the…

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