Information about Doctor Who That Many People Do Not Know

There are a lot of people who have known the TV series entitled Doctor Who. That is because this BBC TV series was very famous around the year of 1960s to 1970s. Unfortunately, even though there are a lot of things that you have learned about this amazing TV series, it turned out that there is still a lot of information that many people have never known about the Doctor Who TV series. If you are curious, here are some of those things.

The first one is the fact that this series was meant for the kids. This was something that not all of those fans know. That is because at the beginning of the series, the main target audience of Doctor Who was the kids. That is because BBC production wanted to make something that was meant for the kids. However, as the time goes, there are some changes on the main storyline so that it was something that will suit the adult audiences even better.

That is because there are some additional changes such as regeneration idea, time travel, alien, and such other similar things. That is why the primary audiences of Doctor Who were changed on its own as the time goes. The second one is the fact that not all of those episodes are well recorded. It is true that Doctor Who was very famous so that most of the episodes are properly recorded. Unfortunately, there are more than 100 missing episodes from the 26 years of airtime of Doctor Who. That is because at that time film documentation was not as good as it is nowadays. Some of those episodes might be missing, burned down, or lost because of the inappropriate documentation.

The last one is the fact that all of the writers have the amazing imagination when they are writing the script of the series. Of course, a scriptwriter needs a great imagination to create something as marvelous as Doctor Who. Unfortunately, there are not many people who have known how great their imaginations are. One example that you can take into account is when Anthony Steven made an excuse about the delayed script of Doctor Who. He said that the typewriter that he used was exploded, even though many people have known that it is something impossible to happen. That is why many people say that you need to have a crazy imagination if you want to write the script of the amazing Doctor Who.

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