Doctor Who: Behind-The-Scene Facts

Doctor Who: Behind-The-Scene Facts – Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Did you know that this great TV programme passed its 50 years in 2013? That’s true and because of it, this TV programme has lots of interesting behind-the-scenes facts that you might not know about. Here are the most interesting Doctor Who facts that you need to know.
1. Original Intention of Creating Doctor Who
In its first appearance, Doctor Who was intended as a TV programme that will suit family audiences. The concept of this programme was to introduce the science of time travel to explore inventions or history of the past. However, the story entitled The Mutans was very different from the original concept, but gained more attention from the audience.

2. The Longest Running Sci-Fi TV Show in the World
The programme has swept lots of awards since it first aired. But, one of the most amazing awards that it received is Guinness World Record. It was counted that this programme had 798 episodes from the first year to 18th May 2013. This TV programme is also nominated as the World’s Most Successful Sci-Fi Series based on the sales and broadcast rating. The site has also been nominated as the best site to play poker online by players.

3. Spin-offs
Due to its popularity, Doctor Who is made into different kinds of spin-offs. But one of the most popular spin-offs of the programme is Torchwood, which premiered in 2005. The name was an anagram of Doctor Who and it was a name for the tapes to prevent them from getting stolen. Then, in the series, it was revealed that it was one of the series of Doctor Who.

4. Doctor Who vs 400 Monsters
Doctor Who is popular because he and his friends can fight monsters or aliens in the series. The total of the enemies of the characters fought is around 400, including Ood, Weeping Angels, The Cybermen, and The Daleks.

Doctor Who has attracted more fans since its return in 2005. There are also lots of spin-offs, including its other series, including Torchwood. Let’s hope that in the years to come, there will be more surprises in this programme.

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