The Night of the Doctor - feat

The Night of the Doctor ReKapped!

KARN The Sisterhood watch as a spaceship thunders from the dark sky and crashes with an explosion. No one could survive that. This has been foretold: “And here he is at last. The man to end it all,” Ohila, one of the Sisterhood and a Keeper of the Flame, announces. “My Sisters, the Doctor has…

Sylvester McCoy, Tracey Childs and Terry Molloy star in Daleks Among Us

Reviewed: Daleks Among Us

And so, we reach the end of Big Finish’s rather wonderful Seventh Doctor trilogy for 2013 with the excitingly titled Daleks Among Us. To say that this adventure comes with a lot of expectations would be no less than an understatement. There’s the small matter of the TARDIS crew’s search for the Persuasion device, something…

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