Arthur Darvill stars in Once

Reviewed: Once – the Musical, starring Arthur Darvill

We knew him best as Rory Williams and took him to our hearts as Mr Pond, but actor Arthur Darvill is a man of many faces, many roles, and talents that his more ‘casual’ fans may not yet be aware of. Right now – but only until 10 May of this year – you can…

Dark Eyes 2 - cover

Reviewed: Dark Eyes 2

MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW… The Doctor Who Universe is ever so lightly changed after the 50th anniversary. We met new Doctors, discovered long kept secrets and, perhaps most excitingly of all, got to see the Eighth Doctor on our television screens once more. It was fleeting, shocking and heartbreaking all in less than ten minutes; some…

Doctor Who: The King of Sontar

Reviewed: The King of Sontar

Did you honestly believe that the Fourth Doctor would never again battle the Sontarans? No, neither did the rest of us. Over thirty years ago now, we caught the last ferocious battle between the Fourth Doctor and Sontar’s finest on the playing fields of Gallifrey, with the Doctor winning. But whilst The Invasion of Time…

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