Big Finish/ Humble Bundle Team-Up: Pay-What-You-Want Doctor Who Collection!

If you love Big Finish, or want to try their audios for the first time, the producers of Doctor Who audio have teamed up with the famed Humble Bundle team to give you the opportunity to pay-what-you-want for some of their popular audios as well as help Doctors Without Borders deliver medical assistance in concflict…

Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat

Moffat’s Difficulties With Female Writers & Directors For Doctor Who

Doctor Who Santa-in-Chief Steven Moffat has held off on his delivery of Christmas gifts this week in order to bemoan the difficulty of hiring female writers and directors. While Rachel Talalay directed the two-part Series 8 finale Dark Water/Death in Heaven and we recently discovered that former Torchwood writer Catherine Treganna has accepted an invite to…

Web of Fear Yeti

Hannah Haisman To Recall Her Doctor Who Scriptwriter Grandfather In New Interview

Coming tomorrow on the Type 40 blog, Chris McKeon, co-author of the Doctor Who charity novel, Time’s Champion, conducts a follow-up interview with Hannah Haisman, granddaughter of 1960s scriptwriter Mervyn Haisman and Executor of the Haisman Literary Estate, and licensor for Candy Jar Books’ forthcoming Lethbridge-Stewart novels. You may recall we mentioned the first interview,…

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