Doctor Who

Danny Pink Actor Samuel Anderson On Doctor Who Series 9 Hopes

The Doctor doesn’t love Pink. Clara does love Pink. But what does Danny Pink himself, actor Samuel Anderson, think? The newest guy in the TARDIS has recently revealed his thoughts on working again (they were on Emmerdale together) with Jenna Coleman, deciding whether Danny will be back for Doctor Who Series 9, and being a…

Undercover Doctor In The Caretaker 8.30pm Tonight!

Undercover Doctor In The Caretaker 8.30pm Tonight!

We don’t like repeating ourselves here on Kasterborous, but just in case you didn’t get the memo, Doctor Who is on at 8.30pm tonight, a schedule change that apparently affects the remainder of Series 8. This means that once the BBC’s celebrities-leanring-to-dance-even-though-some-can-already show Strictly Come Dancing is over (only for tonight, don’t get excited) then…

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