Neil Gaiman vs Steven Moffat: Friction Between Geniuses?

In the annals of Doctor Who, there have been many historic conflicts. The Doctor vs. the Daleks. The Doctor vs. the Cybermen. The Sixth Doctor’s Coat vs. my eyes. The list goes on and on. However, dear reader, there is a more interesting face-off a-brewing in the Whoniverse (and no, it’s nothing to do with Phillip…

9th Doctor 3

Ninth Doctor Comic Series in March!

Great news from Titan Comics: a fourth Doctor Who title will be released next year – a Ninth Doctor comic starring the incarnation made famous by Christopher Eccleston! The news comes straight from Hannah Means-Shannon at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast, New York Comic Con, where she teased: “[Titan’s Ricky] Claydon discussed the Doctor Who fanbase and mentioned that…

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