Martha & Torchwood

Martha Jones’ appearances in Torchwood have been visually confirmed in this Press Release from the BBC. The accompanying photo shows Martha lining up with Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Tosh and the slimy one. Kasterborous Forum marksmen are on hand to take Owen out if he lays a finger on the wonderful Dr. Jones….

Charity Gig for ACCORD Fundraiser

Comedians appearing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe are staging a special one-off Dr Who-themed comedy show which intends to raise money for the ACCORD hospice, have informed us. The gig takes place this Saturday night at Laughing Horse@Linsays (Fringe Venue 56), kicking off between 9.10 – 10.10pm, and features: Mitch Benn (“His act is…

Doctor Who in Rome!

As if Agatha Christie wasn’t enough, Doctor Who Series 4 will show us the delights of Rome, thanks to the BBC/HBO owned set from the popular series in the age of Mark Antony, Julius Caesar and that whole Roman Empire thing. Of course, not letting the set burn down would be useful. (followed by…

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