Doctor Who Adventures 75

Freema Agyeman talks to Doctor Who Adventures Freema Agyeman, known to Doctor Who fans as Martha Jones, tells Doctor Who Adventures what it was like returning to the series in this week’s issue. ‘I was thrilled to be back!’ says Freema. ‘I was going back to see so many wonderful people who I considered friends….

Dawkins Doesn’t Like Who

Curious. Theologist and philosopher – and husband of Second Romana actress Lalla Ward – Richard Dawkins has stated that he isn’t keen on the current incarnation of Doctor Who, despite appearing in the most recent story. Speaking to the Radio Times, Dawkins – who once counted the late Douglas Adams among his friends – revealed:…

David Warner Returns

Big Finish have teamed up David Warner and Nicholas Courtney once again as the alternative Third Doctor and a much older Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart for a sequel to the 2003 audio adventure Sympathy for the Devil. Masters of War sees the time travelling duo landing on a mysterious alien planet – Skaro! Leaving the Earth behind…

Vworp Vworp! The Event

Comic Book Adventures in Time and Space Saturday, October 18th, 9:30am-5pm @the Lass O’Gowrie, Manchester Arranged in conjunction with Engine Comics and the team behind Redeye – one of the UK’s most influential comics fanzines, Vworp Vworp! Comic Book Adventures in Time and Space will explore the highs, lows, challenges and pitfalls of creating comics…

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