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Doctor Who Magazine 442

Doctor Who Magazine 442 Details

previews Christmas Day’s Doctor Who Special, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, and goes behind the scenes to see the fantasy brought to life by the talented cast and crew, including the Eleventh Doctor himself, Matt Smith: “This is one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes ever, for a number of reasons: the scale…


New Christmas Trailer!

How important is an exploding ship? Well very if you happen to be onboard said ship say, I don’t know, holding your finger on the button about to ignite the whole vessel as the Doctor was last seen doing in the prequel to this years Christmas special – The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe….


Can Doctor Who Triumph at Christmas?

And they’re off! EastEnders breaks away cleanly and is waddling morosely towards an inevitable disaster; oh it’s a going to be blast! Emmerdale is plodding on now still wondering who exactly is watching it, but its Downton Abbey, weigh down by accolades that’s made the brightest start, impressing the turkey gorging masses with its fine…

Matt Smith is the star of Doctor Who

Reinventing the Actor

What happens to an actor after they’re done playing the Doctor for a long period of time? Sometimes they have a rich and varied career, sometimes they stick to smaller roles or shy away from acting for a while until the dust settles and they’re no longer seen as “the Doctor”. Matt Smith reckons that…

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