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Where’s Billie?

Billie Piper’s new film “Spirit Trap”, set for release this month, is in danger of a poor premier, tells old Labour-loving redtop The Mirror. Apparently the actress cannot be pinned to a specific date for the launch, fueling concerns about the film’s quality… PRODUCERS cannot get Dr Who star Billie Piper to attend the premiere…

Who-go’s There!

Lots and lots of added Doctor Who content on the BBC website which we’ll come to in a moment, plus vague justification for the pun-tastic headline; meanwhile, we’ve recently heard a rumour that Katy Manning has been “approached” to appear in the upcoming series of Doctor Who. Currently we don’t have any hard facts, just…

Timelord Tops Poll

Oh we’ve been out of fashion for so long haven’t we? Scarf-wearing, question-mark pullover-donned with velvet suits and cricket outfits, all vying for attention as we tell the world that this show – OUR show – is the best there is, despite being off air. Then they bring it all back and suddenly everyone sees…

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