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All the latest Doctor Who news collected from around the web. Our sources include Twitter, Facebook, Google Alerts and Doctor Who Magazine, press releases from the BBC, Big Finish, AudioGo and others, as well as our readers! If you have a news story, please let us know!

News is compiled and edited by Christian Cawley, with help from Philip Bates. Our news team consists of Christian, Philip, Andrew Reynolds and Meredith Burnett.

Like, Totally!

So following a few days illness late in March, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks on leave form my day job, relaxing, watching old episodes of Doctor Who, some Michael Palin travelogues, visiting York, that kind of thing. I also discovered Totally Doctor Who… Sadly 9-5 isn’t conducive to watching children’s television (unless you’re…

Who 2.1

Since 2005 we’ve followed press coverage of Doctor Who as the show returned to our screens with a bang. We’ve included at times in-depth analysis of articles from Doctor Who Magazine, as well as the usual subjects published daily such as The Guardian, The Sun and The Times. Curvy Who fan Caitlin Moran has on…

Doctor Cool

Well, this is it. The build up to Doctor Who Series 3 ends with this final news bulletin prior to Smith and Jones. And while David Tennant/the Doctor might have been recently voted the coolest man in the universe (or something) it’s not exactly news to us, now is it…? So we’ll start with mention…

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