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Every show on television has at one time or another pulled ideas and themes from other shows, usually with terrible results and drawing ire from a large portion of the fan base, who pick the plot apart. But every once in awhile there are programmes that get it right, and Phobos falls into that category….

Immortal Beloved

Science has been responsible for some of our greatest achievements and some of our biggest fears. As technology starts to catch up with our science fiction, we are forced to deal with issues once thought privy only to our fictional characters, and makes us wonder what we might do in the same situations as our…

Idle Speculation

Yet another publication has run a story heavily suggesting that David Tennant will be leaving Doctor Who before Series 4, a practice that seems to be as common in newspapers these days as crosswords. The Scotsman takes its own view of the situation, offering odds on various actors to take over as the 12th Doctor:…


Back Steve: Isn’t Star Beast’s Sharon a black companion as well? Gaz: Funny coincidence, eh? Still we do meet her best school chum and his mum in the Star Beast and both are well sketched in (literally) and motivated cast members – a subject close to your heart I think. Steve: So – when is…

Hey Nonny Nonny!

Some reaction to a great episode of Doctor Who, beginnning with “what did the general viewing public think of it on a scorching hot Easter weekend?” According to DWAS, overnight ratings of 6.8 million were recorded for The Shakespeare Code, over 35% of the viewing audience and the most-watched programme on Saturday night – and…

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