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June Hudson Design Catalogue

The work of costume designer June Hudson is to be exhibited at The University of Redlands’ Peppers Art Gallery. The exhibition – “Refashioning the Doctor: A ‘Makeover’ for a Sci-fi Icon,” – runs from March 29th to April 16th 2006, before continuing in a smaller form in the University of Redlands’ Armacost Library from April…

News Roundup

Ther’s more coverage of the 2005 series in US organs, this time The series is given the comparison treatment and speaks to Mad Norwegian Press’ Lars Pearson and a guy named Steve Martin. Not the Steve Martin, you understand. It’s a very warm article, and certainly worth reading. Next up, someone at The Register…

K-9 & Older Company?

No doubt you’ve heard already the “news” that K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith are to get their own series… According to The Sun: …it has emerged that the pooch and Sarah Jane, played by Elizabeth Sladen, will also star together in their own children’s series. An insider said: “It would have been a shame to…

News Round Up

I sit here alone, ladies and gentlemen, in a cold, cold house as the snowflakes pile up on the window sill. This LCD monitor is steaming up from the cup of tea I’m using as central heating while I await the rat-a-tat-tat of the plumber, who will hopefully repair the boiler here at Kasterborous Towers….

Latest Casting News

There’s lots of news in the latest Doctor Who Magazine, most notable are the announcements of the casting of a couple of well known names. Actress Maureen Lipman, known for many roles including appearances in “Coronation Street” and as the overbearing Beatie in the British Telecom/BT advertising campaigns throughout the late 1980s and early 90s…

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