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This is a possible spoiler reported in the National Press… read on at your own peril… Fan talk aside, how many of us actually expect to see a reincarnation of the Master in 2st Century Doctor Who? Well, according to The Sun, it might be about to happen… But who to choose from? Which actor…

Torchwood Broadcast Date

Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood will, it seems, have a Sunday night BBC Three broadcast, beginning on October 22nd… Bus-mounted adverts in several cities have announced the date, although the time is yet to be confirmed. A simoultaneous BBC One Saturday night premier seems to have been idle speculation from your truly. But there’s nothing wrong…

Doctor Hugo

So, Doctor Who isn’t sci-fi? Tell that to Steven Moffat, writer of The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and The Girl in the Fireplace – because his Series 1 story just won science fictions most prestigious prize – the HUGO! Reported both at Outpost Gallifrey and Locus Online, the prize was in the category of “Dramatic…

Torchwood for BBC1?

News that the master tapes for the BBC1 Autumn drama “Robin Hood” has prompted speculation that Torchwood may receive it’s premier airing not on BBC3 as scheduled, but on BBC1… According to tabloid The Mirror a £1 million ransom has been demanded by the thieves, thought to be East European gangsters. According to an “insider”:…

It’s NOT a Dalek!

Oh no sirree… the eBay commentator blog BayRaider has reported on a strange sale… Apparently on eBay there is a robot for sale that is’t a Dalek – although you might think it was should you meet it in the street… Look, full-size dalek replicas are ten-a-penny on eBay, but this one is pretty special….

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