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All the latest Doctor Who news collected from around the web. Our sources include Twitter, Facebook, Google Alerts and Doctor Who Magazine, press releases from the BBC, Big Finish, AudioGo and others, as well as our readers! If you have a news story, please let us know!

News is compiled and edited by Christian Cawley, with help from Philip Bates. Our news team consists of Christian, Philip, Andrew Reynolds and Meredith Burnett.

Con news

Doctor Who Unleashed Here is the guest update for ‘Doctor Who Unleashed II’ in Ipswich on 14th-15th April 2007: Colin Baker – the sixth Doctor and the fan’s favorite audio Doctor as voted for in a DWM poll. Nicholas Courtney – the Brigadier alongside Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker and also played ‘Bret…

Viva Freema!

The BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has released a new image of Martha Jones actress Freema Agyeman, this time on her own, on the moon… The most stunning thing about the image, of course, is Freema herself. WHich begs lots of questions about getting oneself into such a situation… Your’e on the moon with a…

Gene Hunt – GRASS!

Tough 1970s cop DCI Gene “Genie” Hunt has spilled the beans to tabloid The Sun regarding his former colleague DI Sam Tyler, and his new role in Doctor Who… (Likely SPOILER ahead if you’re playing hidey-spoiler) Hunt – master of the planted evidence and roughing up of suspects – is played to perfection by Philip…

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