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More Dalek Buildup

Just in time for tonights Daleks in Manhattan episode, Skaro’s worst have been voted the most popular Doctor Who monster, reports BBC News, the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site and others. Voted for by visitors to the official site, the Daleks beat off opposition from the Cybermen, the Ood and the Empty Child zombies. The…


Following the fan-lead controversy over the Radio Times cover (see here if you haven’t already), the Stage has commented on the situation. Warning that spoilerphobes should avoid supermarkets, newsagents and for the remainder of the week, the column notices a particular irony… What’s a little strange about this huge spoiler is that it’s been…

Gridlock Reaction

Gridlock has continued Series 3′s slightly darker, and more serious tone and the Doctor’s car-hopping adventures have been reviewed in The Stage and SFX. The Stage compares the pattern of the series so far favourably with that of Series 1 and 2, and believes that the setting of New Earth is perfect for acclimatising viewers…


Every show on television has at one time or another pulled ideas and themes from other shows, usually with terrible results and drawing ire from a large portion of the fan base, who pick the plot apart. But every once in awhile there are programmes that get it right, and Phobos falls into that category….

Immortal Beloved

Science has been responsible for some of our greatest achievements and some of our biggest fears. As technology starts to catch up with our science fiction, we are forced to deal with issues once thought privy only to our fictional characters, and makes us wonder what we might do in the same situations as our…

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