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David DIY Woes

It seems that Tenth Doctor David Tennant can’t do DIY. Which given he lives in a nice flat in Wales and another in London while acting on various jobs is hardly a surprise. He doesn’t get weekends like the rest of us. No, if the Sonic Screwdriver wielding David Tennant needs a shelf putting up,…

The Poison Sky Reaction

While Doctor Who this Bank Holiday weekend might have only made 5.9 million viewers on the overnights, it was still the second most-watched TV show of Saturday. As with previous episodes, reviews have been largely positive, too, so put the lower figure down to the sunny Bank Holiday (long overdue) in some parts of the…

The Poison Sky

Those Sontarans, eh? If they’re not fighting the Rutans, they’re colonising planets to use the unhabitants as target practice to help in their fight against the Rutans. And if they’re not fighting the Rutans or colonising planets to use the inhabitants as target practice in their fight against the Rutans, they’re turning planets into cloning…

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