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New Doctor Rumours

Initially, I was going to leave this one alone – but thanks to the Doctor’s apparent regeneration at the end of The Stolen Earth, rumours are alight once more that either Jimmy Nesbitt or Robert Carlyle are set to step into David Tennant’s very large shoes. Speaking to Graham Norton (so says What’s On TV)…

Spoiler Space

And so it continues – The Guardian’s James Dreyfuss-esque Gareth McLean discusses the issue of spoilers, regeneration and keeping things under wraps. As he rightfully states: Now, who saw that coming? As the Doctor gasped "I’m regenerating", there must have been countless others up and down the country gasping "No way!" For the end of…

The Stolen Earth

Christian Cawley returns to the review pages to tell of a Doctor Who series greatly transformed since the events of Partners in Crime… Doctor Who season 30 has been a strange beast; a weak opening (Partners in Crime), a woefully used returning Sontaran force (The Sontaran Stragem/The Poison Sky) and an odd episode of the…

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