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White Ghosts from Big Finish

Big Finish Teases 2014 Doctor Who Audio Covers

Big Finish continue their yearlong teasing and tantalising campaign for their Doctor Who range with the release of two new front cover, one for the Fourth Doctor Adventures and one for the Companion Chronicles. White Ghosts is a title from the third series of adventures for the Fourth Doctor that’s due out in February 2014 and…


Adric Returns to Big Finish!

Big Finish has been producing the audio adventures of the Fifth Doctor since 1999. At first, he was joined by only Nyssa and occasionally Peri before Mark Strickson joined Davison for a few adventures. Then Big Finish manages to get Janet Fielding to return for a one-off adventure featuring Cyber technology to finish her story…

Sylvester McCoy, Tracey Childs and Terry Molloy star in Daleks Among Us

Are There Daleks Among Us?

Davros’s timeline is both clear and unclear. We can track the creator of the Daleks through televised Doctor Who adventures from Genesis of the Daleks all the way up to Journey’s End. But when Big Finish have used the character in stories against the Sixth and Eighth Doctors, we’ve discovered more about Davros’s story than…

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