Cult Britannia

Everything unrelated to Doctor Who, but of potential interest to Kasterborous readers. Features shows and movies with British origins, such as Blake’s 7 and James Bond, with news reports, reviews and features.


Moffat Talks New Sherlock & Doctor Who Episodes

Sherlock‘s 2015 special has been shooting recently, and chief writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat has revealed that he doesn’t know when the episode is likely to air! Speaking to the Radio Times, Moffat – who is overseeing Doctor Who and Sherlock productions concurrently – can only say that “I know it won’t be for a while,…


Appreciating Drunk History

Regular readers of Kasterborous may remember that I mentioned the ChiqueGeeks a few months back, two girls who have made it their mission to watch every new episode of Who and commit their thoughts to video whilst getting blotto. In that article, I name-checked Funny Or Die’s Drunk History, which dealt with a far wider…

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