Behind the Scenes Facts of Doctor Who Series

For many people in the era of 1960s, Doctor Who series can be considered as one of the best series that they can watch at that time. That is because the main storyline was quite attractive. That was one of the most common reasons why people love to watch the series that can last for more than 25 years. Even though there are a lot of people who watched all of the Doctor Who series episodes, there are not many people who know what happened behind the scene of the series? If you are interested, here are some of those behind the scenes facts that you might have never heard about Doctor Who series.

The first one is the hidden script of Doctor Who from Stephen Fry. For some people, Stephen Fry was a great man when you are talking about a scriptwriter. Unfortunately, the script that he wrote for the episodes of Doctor who, was not used at all. At that time, many people think that if the script was used as the episodes in Doctor Who, that will surely catch a lot of attentions from many other people who have never watched the Doctor Who before; even though it is quite strange if you have never watched this TV series before. The second one is the fact that there are some words and vocabularies in English that were changed because of the things that happened on the series of Doctor Who. This one is something quite awkward for some people because Doctor Who was just a series. However, this series was one of the greatest that you can find in UK. It was like The Beatles that changed many things in the world. That was also one thing that became the effect of Doctor Who series.

The last one is that the materials and many other things that people can find on the Doctor Who series were used as the material for experiments, works, studies, and some other similar things. The main reason might be caused by the fact that the time travel and alien stuffs were not that popular at that time so that the things that they can find in Doctor Who series were totally amazing for the contents around that time of the year. One of those people who use the things inside Doctor Who series as the material for the study is Brian Cox.

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