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likes William Hartnell, whisky, being creative, debating canonicity, The Gunfighters, The Keys of Marinus and City of Death. He has a strong dislike of cold quiche, corporate PowerPoint presentations and lanyards, but loves terrible puns. He's currently employed by a mute teddy bear with black ears.

Time bikers

Doctor Who: Fantastic Fan Fiction

I had no idea how big fan fiction had become. I used to think it occupied a tiny, undiscovered corner of the internet, reserved for hardcore science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. Not so! Just Google any TV programme and add the words ‘fan fiction’ into the search bar, and a whole list of choices will pop…

New Doctor Who Electro House Mix from Frontload!

New Doctor Who Electro House Mix from Frontload!

There’s certainly no shortage of Doctor Who theme tune remixes on the Internet, and now we have one more: an ‘Electro House’ version from Frontload! With its fast-tempo ‘discotheque’ vibe, it has (faint) echoes of Big Finish’s Paul McGann variation, and is sure to liven up any Doctor Who-related party you might be having, (or any other party for that matter….

The Shakespeare Code 1

Audition for Audio Project, Dark Times

Listen up, budding thespians – open auditions have just been announced for a Doctor Who audio project! Some of you may remember last year’s One Fine Time Lord, an hour-long radio production set on Gallifrey “long before the Doctor began his travels.” It saw the Time Lords’ home planet on the brink of destruction at the hands of Lord…

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