Articles by Alex Skerratt

likes William Hartnell, whisky, being creative, debating canonicity, The Gunfighters, The Keys of Marinus and City of Death. He has a strong dislike of cold quiche, corporate PowerPoint presentations and lanyards, but loves terrible puns. He's currently employed by a mute teddy bear with black ears.

The Moonbase DVD

The Moonbase DVD Artwork Revealed

Clear some space on the DVD shelf: The Moonbase is finally getting its own DVD release! Sporting some rather gorgeous sleeve artwork from the estimable Lee Binding, The Moonbase looks to be similar in appearance to the ‘rebranded’ The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear DVDs, deprived of the usual TARDIS roundels that…

Remembrance of the Daleks - eye stalk

Dalek Speakers Invade the Earth, 2014AD

The year is 2014. The place – Earth. The invasion of the Dalek speakers has begun. Massive Audio has announced “the largest, loudest and most deadly portable Bluetooth speaker” this side of the Medusa Cascade. Modelled on the Doctor’s deadliest enemy, the six foot Dalek Massive will be armed with over forty coaxial speakers and a…

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