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In his spare time, Scott writes for Kasterborous, his personal blog at WordPress and the revived Starburst Magazine. He’s also on Twitter (as @Scott_V_Writer) where he tries to be interesting and verbose in 140 characters.


“Captain Jack Harkness. Like the robe?”

Are you bored with your bedroom apparel? Want to take that next step to fashion greatness but don’t necessarily want to go outside in it? Then you need the newly-announced Captain Jack Harkness towelling robe! It will be available from Forbidden Planet from the 15th of November and will allow you or your significant other…

The Minister of Chance, Doctor Who spin-off

The Minister’s About To Roll Those Dice…

With just two days to go until the new episode of free internet audio drama The Minister Of Chance, they’ve released a trailer so you can hear for yourself just what lies in store. It sounds like quite an interesting piece of work, and they’re funded entirely by their listeners! Think of it like PBS…

Karen’s Horror Flick Challenge!

While you’re watching the Ponds run around with the Doctor this autumn, Karen Gillan will be embarking on a new project written by Mike Flanagan (who will also be directing) and Jeff Howard, which will hit cinemas in 2014. The film, Oculus, sees Kaz get a chance to exercise her acting muscles in a supernatural…


This Does Not Actually Screw Things

A couple of years ago, we learned that scientists working in the field of ‘funology’ had come up with a sonic screwdriver remote that actually controls your telly. The remote works in a similar way to the Wii Remote, with arm gestures being the order of the day. A wave upwards and downwards will change…

Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield in Doctor Who: Daleks in Manhattan (third from right)

Spider-Man Recalls Pig-Men

Some bright spark in The Amazing Spider-Man publicity machine has cottoned onto the fact that Andrew Garfield, the newest actor to play your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, has previously appeared in Doctor Who in a supporting role (Frank in Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution Of The Daleks). In a brief video provided by BBC America, he shares a…

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