Articles by Scott Varnham

In his spare time, Scott writes for Kasterborous, his personal blog at WordPress and the revived Starburst Magazine. He’s also on Twitter (as @Scott_V_Writer) where he tries to be interesting and verbose in 140 characters.

The Fez Returns, Intact!

Some of you eagle-eared viewers may have caught a few lines from the final, absolute last bit of Series 6 on Saturday’s Doctor Who Confidential in their From Script To Screen segment. The context for those of you who didn’t catch it is that the kids have written an episode with Matt Smith’s Doctor on…

Killing The Doctor Before It Was Cool

Before River was brainwashed into killing the Doctor, there was Turlough. If you’re tired of this year’s Doctor-killing arc, or “The River Song Show” as some of the guys here on Kasterborous have dubbed it, you might be interested to read this lengthy interview with Mark “Turlough” Strickson. It covers a great deal of ground…

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