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This man enlisted with UNIT after his first encounter with the Fantastic Christopher Eccleston and has been a part of the Whovian army ever since. He is a freelance writer that works on his own zine at and has just gotten his first works published.

Doctor Who: The Visitation starring Peter Davison

Peter Davison @ Hal-Con 2013

As Whovians we’re used to the idea that where one Doctor goes another will eventually follow but to have it happen in reverse?  It’s weird when everything gets all timey-wimey! Sylvester McCoy was originally slated to appear at Hal-Con 2013 but had to back out.  He has been replaced by none other then the Fifth…

Dalek voice and Big Finish honcho Nicholas Briggs

Exclusive Nicholas Briggs Interview

In his recent appearance at Hal-Con 2012, I was able to get a chance to ask Nicholas Briggs a couple questions about Halifax, Canadian Whovians, the Big Finish Audios and of course, The Daleks. Katerborous: The Daleks are the first villains Hal-Con had as guests.  Does it come with more responsibility knowing that you’re our…

7th Doctor and Mel

Sylvester McCoy @ Hal-Con 2013

Wherever the Daleks go, the Doctor must follow.  So after Hal-Con hosted Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks, it only makes sense that they bring in a Doctor to save us all.  Sylvester McCoy is coming to Canada. From November 8th to November 10th, 2013, Sylvester McCoy will be in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the…

NicK Briggs appears at Hal-Con 2012 in Canada

Nicholas Briggs at Canada’s Hal-Con 2012!

Just like the Doctor and company did for The Impossible Astronaut the Daleks are crossing the pond, except they are skipping the United States altogether and heading north, to Canada. Batten down the Hatches, the Daleks are storming Halifax, Canada. From October 26th to October 28th 2012 Nicholas Briggs will be in Halifax, Nova Scotia…

16-02-2012 11-17-04

Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor Face Off

We cannot deny it.  We’ve all sat around a table in our homes or at a table debating the trivial topics, pitting the Doctor and Sherlock against each other in a battle of wits but that’s mostly where it stays, at the table unanswered – well until now. The city of Halifax, located in the…

4th Doctor Spotted on Futurama!

What do you do when the timeline has been screwed up? You travel back in time to fix it and who better then fixing timelines, and/or screwing them up than the Planet Express Crew? How about the Doctor? In the 20th episode of Futurama’s sixth season, the team accidently puts a tear into the timeline which results…

Heroes of Sontar

There is a little known fact in the Who-verse. Sontarans are funny. We have always known they looked funny but recently we have been seeing that they have a sense of humour about them as well. We saw this in A Good Man Goes to War and now with the first audio in the Fifth’s…

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