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It’s A Doctor Who Flash Bang Wallop!

It’s A Doctor Who Flash Bang Wallop!

We love a good montage here at Kasterborous Towers. Contemplate if you will, dear reader, on this snippet of Who-love from Babelcolour – YouTube master of polychroming the monochrome and editing our favourite show into improbably brilliant tributes. Proving that fifty years worth of a television show as diverse as Doctor Who provides enough material…

Doctor Omega

John Guilor Reads Doctor Omega!

The good Doctor is not the first time-and-space faring eccentric to have emerged from writers’ imaginations. While Canadian television producer and originator of Doctor Who, Sydney Newman, was explicit about the influence of H. G. Wells, there is another mysterious adventurer that bears a striking resemblance to the Doctor… Doctor Omega, from Arnould Galopin’s 1906…


Matthew Waterhouse & Tom Baker: Reunited?

The narrative territory of Big Finish just keeps growing – the Companion Chronicles have explored and expanded the early years of the first three Doctors, now sadly lacking their leading men. We’ve had a new companion join Steven and the First Doctor, another come back to life as a possessed house, we’ve had new companions…

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