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January 27th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who is back. In just a few weeks we’ll see new adventures of the Time Lord, earth’s protector, as

Awards News

January 25th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

It’s been a big day for awards in the Doctor Who world – Big Finish theme composer David Arnold, better

New Series Casting News

January 24th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

Popular behemoth UK Sci-fi Magazine SFX has published 3 new series photographs in its latest issue – 3 revealing photographs…

UK Broadcast Date?

January 18th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

American Doctor Who site Outpost Gallifrey has referred to an article released on Eurovision site, which suggests the first

Terrible Times – UNIT (Part 1)

January 16th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

Hello student, and welcome to the second part of your “Hidden History” module. This time, we’ll be looking at the

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