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Dalek Kidnapping Latest!

June 9th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

Events have seemingly taken a turn for the worse in the Dalek kidnap story – report that a ransom

To Davros with Lovett?

June 8th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

A bizarre cult of Norman Lovett has arisen in the last seven days, which has possibly damaged the credibility of

The Bad Wolf Cometh…

June 7th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

…and I’m running out of related titles! More mention of Doctor Who and the soon to be revealed thread that

Ratings News

June 5th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

Excellent news on the ratings front – the lowest key episode of the current run has amassed 7.11m viewers, which

Beware Tabloid Spoilers!

June 4th, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

Yes! Beware! Tabloid papers The Mirror and The Sun are currently peddling images of the final two episodes of Doctor

June 3rd, 2005 | by Christian Cawley

The superb online symbiosis to the current series of Doctor Who continues – not only do we have the UNIT

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