Amazing Stars That Could Have Been Doctor Who

As one of the greatest TV series in the history of BBC production, it is not a secret anymore that Doctor Who attracted a lot of attention from many actors with the best talents. Unfortunately, even though there are some actors who want to play the role of Doctor Who, there are also some other actors that refused to play the role as the Doctor. For your information, some of those names that refused the role to play as the Doctor might be some of those few that will pull the name of Doctor Who series to the higher stage. Here are some of those actors that refused to play the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who.

The first one is Michael Jackson. Yes, this is something amazing that many people hoped at that time. That is because the name of King of Pop and Doctor Who popped out around the same decades. That is why the BBC production wanted the King of Pop to become the next Doctor on the Doctor Who series. Unfortunately, that was just a dream because Michael Jackson refused that offer. Many people quite agree that the main reason is because this is a TV series, not a movie that can be done in few months. The second one is the gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones. She was planned to be the first female doctor on the series of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, that was just a dream because she refused the offer from production even though the number was quite fantastic at that time. However, BBC production finally found another woman who can play as the Doctor in Doctor Who series. She was Jodie Whittaker. You should not compare these two amazing women because they are different in many things.

Benedict Cumberbatch

The last but not least is the Sherlock Holmes. It is not a secret that Benedict Cumberbatch was very famous in Sherlock. However, there is one thing that many people might have never known about this one. Before Benedict played the role in Sherlock Holmes, BBC production offered him the role as the Doctor on this series. That thing happened right after his audition in Sherlock Holmes. However, he personally stated that he wanted to be Sherlock, not the Doctor in Doctor Who. That is why he never be the Doctor even though his acting was very good to lift the name of this series up.

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