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Published on August 20th, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

Who Might Replace Jenna In The TARDIS?

The launch of Series 8 may be a matter of days away but the book has already opened on who might be travelling with the Doctor in the next series.

Yes, things certainly move quickly in the world of Doctor Who, as evidenced by Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter films) and Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie being installed as bookies’ favourites to become the new companion.

As every agent in the country with a promising young performer on their books searches urgently for Andy Pryor’s number, it’s worth stressing that, in spite of some seemingly plausible speculation, there’s still been no confirmation that Jenna Coleman is to depart at the end of the impending run of episodes.

And, allowing for the fact that stories like this are more a case of easy publicity for bookmakers than accurate predictors of who may be in the frame, there are certainly some intriguing names in the quoted odds. It’s a mix of the promising (Kerrie Hayes), the good-idea-but-unlikely (Vicky McClure) and the clearly-included-for-a-laugh-on-a-slow-day-in-the-newsroom (Kim Kardashian).

Rose Leslie, recently seen as wildling Ygritte in HBO hit Game of Thrones, is undoubtedly a fine actress and would perhaps bring a touch more steel and assertiveness to the part of the companion than we’ve seen of late (she was chilling in a one-off appearance playing the young Geraldine James in the second series of Channel 4′s Utopia) but has the feel of an early place-holder rather than a serious contender.

Elsewhere on the list there’s the prospect of the Doctor’s Spin Doctor with the inclusion of Chris Addison, newly confirmed for an end of season guest appearance, who was on the wrong end of Peter Capaldi’s foul mouthed barbs in The Thick of It, as well as rumoured for the Twelfth Doctor around this time last year.

Most left-field choice has to be Sandra Dickinson, still best known as Trillian in 1980′s BBC adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and also incidentally Georgia Moffat’s mum. The Doctor’s Mother-in-Law? If the space-time continuum buckled when the Tenth Doctor married the woman who had played his own daughter, just think what would happen if that one came to fruition…

They may be somewhat facetious suggestions but maybe they’ve unwittingly hit on something here? Who’s to say the companion always has to be young and female? Maybe, in this new era with its much heralded change of approach and tone, the producers are ready to try something different when it comes to casting Clara’s replacement?

The most likely bet is surely a newcomer, absent from silly season lists of bookies’ favourites and unknown to all except industry insiders, perhaps with a couple of small but praise-worthy appearances under their belt. Good enough to have been noticed, but not yet registering as star-in-the-making material.

Who do you think should be the new companion? And more to the point, what kind of companion do you think would be right for the show? Young? Old? Male? Female? Human? Alien? Welsh? Share your thoughts below?



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12 Responses to Who Might Replace Jenna In The TARDIS?

  1. avatar sw says:

    I’d like to see a Troughton style companion duo of a “full time” male and female, one from the past one from the future with NO family or everyday life to keep going back to.

  2. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    My daughter thinks it’s going to her. Bless, how do I break the news? :)

    I seriously don’t care who it is as long as they are right for the part. Besides, why are we even discussing this when nothing official has been announced and we have a whole series to look forward to just a few days away! Stop dwelling on the possible future and enjoy being in the here and now! It’s going to be a glorious couple of months for us all!

  3. avatar TonyS says:

    So we are discussing who will replace a companion who may or may not be leaving?

    I’m all for discussion on many and varied topics, but erm…

    • Some commenters assume that a topic is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of jibbery jabbery… gobstoppery… stuff.

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Excellent reply. I salute you :)

  4. avatar DonnaM says:

    The bookies had Rory Kinnear down as the favourite, I think, when Matt’s departure was leaked. Then that bloke from the BT adverts who played Eric Morcambe. Then Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. Whoever they’re saying now, they’re almost certainly wrong.

    I suspect Jenna is leaving – the reports are persistent and haven’t been rubbished by the BBC – but I also suspect that far from being a recent decision it’s been known to those who needed to know for months. The Mirror may believe scripts are dashed off a few weeks before filming, but I imagine Steven Moffat’s known what he was working with for a while.

    As long as the next one can act and isn’t an irritant (a few companions have failed those tests to me over the years) I will welcome her as optimistically as I did Jenna. I learned my lesson when “that annoying pop singing child” was cast as Rose Tyler all those years ago; the producers know what they’re doing! In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the forthcoming series :-)

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      I would’ve liked to have seen Uncle Tom Cobbley as the Doctor; I think he would be a surprising choice, but would’ve taken the role into new territory and given us perhaps a darker more alien Doctor that isn’t so caught up in his emotions and doesn’t try to snog every single companions he has.

      • avatar DonnaM says:

        Of the three I mention he would certainly have been my preferred choice. Still, we ended up with an excellent actor, so I’m not too disappointed he missed out :-)

  5. Using the Bad Wolf meme, which showed up in the second episode of the reboot and culminated TEN episodes later, I believe the next two series are already fleshed out. They already know who the next companionS are. I have waited a whole year since Matt dropped his tie and I can wait to find out who the next companion is. I just want Sexy to have her glass floor back.

  6. avatar MWRuger says:

    It may be too much of a call back to Hartnell, but why not a dashing style male and a strong female from a different era? Could be very interesting.

  7. avatar J W says:

    If Jenna is really leaving I personally would like the Doctor to have an alien companion, someone who is humanoid but not human. This is something they have yet to do in the new series and if change is the new watchword then it’s about time for an alien companion.

  8. avatar Tom says:

    It will probably be a sickening PC choice, seems to be going around lately (at least in the new comics).

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